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FYT PCBA business division is focused on research and develop small volume electronic products PCBA process service. 
Depending on multi-species and small volume flexible production system, and diversified and personalized material management experience, PCBA business division can provide efficient, high quality and super reliable one-stop electronic product assembly processing to customers. In order to meet customer demand, FYT established another production workshop as well which mainly focused on produce mobile phone, electronic module, Wireless LAN products, etc.


Parameter Remark
Standard Capacity Special Capacity
SMT Operation &PCB Specification Length*Width (L*W) Min. L≥50mm and W≥30mm L<50mm Including Tooling Strips
Max. L≤450mm and W≤350mm L≥450mm or W≥350mm
Thickness(T) Min. 0.8mm T<0.8mm
Max. 2mm T>2mm
DIP Operation & PCB Specification Length*Width (L*W) Min. L≥50mm and W≥30mm L<50mm
Max. L≤500mm and W≤300mm L≥500mm or W≥300mm
Thickness(T) Min. 0.8mm T<0.8mm
Max. 2mm T>2mm
SMT& component specification Profile Dimension Min. spec 1005(0402) 0603(0201) Figures in brackets represent British specification
Max. size 31mm*31mm 31mm*31mm<SMD≤45mm*45mm
Component Thickness T≤6.5mm 6.5mm<T≤15mm
QFP、SOP、SOJ etc. series IC、Plug etc. multiple-pin Component between PIN 0.4mm 0.3mm≤Pitch<0.4mm
CSP,BGA Min.Space between ball 0.5mm 0.3mm≤Pitch<0.5mm
PCB Material FR4 FPC、PTFE、ROGERS etc.  
PCB Surface finishing HASL, Gold Plating, Immersion Gold, OSP etc.    


1、The special capacity above is needed to confirm before produce.

2、Except common SMT and plug-in soldering, other assembling, testing, ageing ect. process are special capacity, should be confirmed before produce.


Computer Motherboard of industrial Control


Industrial Control Board


Frequency Board of Telecommunication


 Mainboard of Telecommunication

Data Record Card

Mainboard of Tracker