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Social Responsibility

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Employee health and safety is fundamental to our business module, we put health and safety of

each employee in very important position, strict

above compliance with government standards,

to create a safe and healthy working environment.


Environmental protection has taken a number of

concrete measures, with many effective policies

response to environmental protection, and the

establishment of advance waste water treatment

plant for environmental protection to ensure the

sustainable development of the enterprise.


While we fulfill our social responsibility efforts and

related achievements, it has also been

recognized by the community. In the past years

we have received many awards and countless

praise, and these awards is also inspiration to our

continuous advancement.

FYT focus on human care and protection of the rights and interests of employees, while promoting cleaner production, production safety, energy conservation and

community public service. Empower human right, environmental protection, public welfare into the growth genes, to ensure that humanities and environment protection

into development of enterprises.


Health and safety